Problems renewing licenses

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Our original reseller who sold us the Office365 service has stopped supporting / selling it. I've been managing our licenses / subscriptions since the beginning so its not an issue. But we have 4 licenses for Office 365 Business Premium which we originally bought via our reseller. These 4 are bulked together. After that I have purchased more of the same license, and they are seperate from this package.

Now that service is about to end regarding these 4 licenses. When I try to renew, the order system automaticly changes the 4 packages to Office 365 Enterprise E3. And I can not change this. I assume this has something to do with our original reseller.

I can purchase new services from the admin portal myself. So can I just buy 4 Business Premium Licenses and assign these to the original users who are about to expire on their Business Premium? Do I loose any data and does the end users need to reinstall Office software?

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Yes, you can do that without loosing any data
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Yes, like Juan said.


Just a note, when you assign licenses, just do in the same step to avoid remove and add license.


If you do at the same step, it's a change, if you remove the previous license and then add the license between that operations you could have some issues with your accounts.