Permissions Required To See Mobile Device Management for Office 365 Page

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We have recently setup Office 365 MDM via the Security & Compliance Centre, created a policy and are in the process of pushing the policy out and all was going well unti I tried to assign a couple of admins rights to manage the registered devices.


The admins in question have Exchange, SharePoint, Skype and User Managment admin rights but I'm unable to figure out how to gicve them rights for device management. I have tried to assign them device management rights in the permissions in the security and compliance centre and also via the Device Management admin role through PowerShell, but they keep getting permission denied errors everytime they try and open device managment.


What are the minimum rights required for device managment?




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Did you ever get an answer for this question?

We are running into the same issues. Looked in Office 365, Azure, and the Security and Compliance Center without a clear cut option for allowing MDM management.

Do they have an InTune license?

Also, try going here: and assigning them to the InTune Administrator role