Payment method in Germany for microsoft 365 Business

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I was in the middle of the process of creating 365 business account from Germany, I had to quit because the available payment method was not suitable (I dont use credit card).

Afterwards, I tried to log in with the account info and I managed to log in successfully. I tried then to go to Billing>Payment methods>Add a payment method, I found "Bank account" option that never appeared while I was creating the account.

Since I am in Germany, can I use this payment method to purchase the 365 business or there is a bug and I can only pay with credit card?

I am worried about just taking the opportunity then things gets more complicated if my bank is not releasing the money.

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We use M365 and Azure services and as far as I am aware of, you can only pay by credit card or contact billing support and go through an extensive verification process so you are eligiable for Invoice payment.

From our own experiences it is the best to contact a local CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider) or Microsoft partner, as they can handle all licenses for you. So you only get a single invoice per month from this partner. Many providers offer this services without additional fees because they already earn on a margin on every license they sell. This will save you many hassle in the future.