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When user changes password on his computer, outlook prompts for credentials. how to avoid this pop up.

another scenario i hav reset the password for one of my domain user, he logs off and login and outlook prompts for credentials. our management doesnot wants this pop up for credentials. so plz guide me 

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Well, since the older password is no longer valid, that's the expected behavior. Otherwise users will just get disconnected and wont understand what's happening.


In general, the password is stored in the Credentials manager, so you can remove/update it from there. If you want to avoid users getting prompted for passwords, you will need to use a modern Outlook client and deploy some form of SSO.

we are using office 365

some form of sso?

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SSO stands for Single Sign On, sometimes is also used for "seamless" Single Sign on, meaning you can authenticate to O365 services without ever seeing a password prompt. To get this experience, you need to either have AD FS configured with O365 or use the new AAD Connect SSO:

Hi experts

which is the best solution to go with as i need to give my report to the management

ADFS configured with O365, 


AAD connect SSO, 


two factor authentication (I am not sure)


 modern authentication(is modern authentication enabled by default)