Office 365 Weekly Digest | February 26 - March 4, 2017


The Office 365 Weekly Digest is a weekly blog post compiling the previous week's pertinent Office 365 news and info including Message Center notifications, Upcoming Events, Blog Roundup and Noteworthy items such as the regular updates to the Office 365 URLs and IP addresses.


The latest post covers February 26 - March 4, 2017.


Hope it is helpful to the community!




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Thanks for this resource, I hadn't seen it before, so I am glad for the heads up.  


This is really useful summary material, great for sharing around the office and with interested parties. With this, the new weekly email digests and Jim Naroski's monthly Office 365 Update video series (and transcripts), it's making it a lot easier to follow new developments, not to mention the message center and the roadmap.


The Service Changes for 2017 post is a great idea as well, one place to track all service changes for the year that may require admin action.

My pleasure, Cian!  I greatly appreciate the postiive feedback :)


Updates to the 2017 Planned Service Changes post are coming this week...I'll post in Change Alerts once the updates are published.


Thanks again,


Great Resume Thomas, Congratulations !

2017 Planned Service Changes blog post updated this morning...also posted to Change Alerts space. :)




Many thanks, Nuno!