Office 365 Users who are not a member of any group

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I want to get (Powershell & GUI) the users who are not included in any one of the my office 365 groups (Ex: ind_sol, indian_all_employees,client_sol, BD-internal groups)

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Well, define groups? If you only care about Exchange groups, this script will go over the list of users, generate a report of the group membership for each of them, and export to CSV file, where you can easily filter out "empty" values (when a user is not a member of any group).


As the script runs Exchange Remote PowerShell, it will only include groups Exchange "knows" about, such as DGs, mail-enabled SGs and "modern" Office 365 groups. If you want to include "regular" security groups as well, you will need to query Azure AD directly.

I am running below script, but i am unable to get users belonging group


Get-MailBox | Select-Object UserPrincipalName, DisplayName, UnifiedGroup, Alias |
Export-CSV "C:\users\xxxx\desktop\users.csv"

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The Get-Mailbox cmdlet will not return any group membership, including that to unified groups. Since I seem t have forgotten to include a link to the script in my first post, try it now:

Thanks for the reply Michev.


While i am running "Get-DGMembershipInventory -IncludeUserMailboxes | Export-Csv C:\users\xxxx\desktop\Gusers.csv " it is throwing unrecognized error " Get-DGMembershipInventory : The term 'Get-DGMembershipInventory' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function,script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again." I am tryning to install the module but it won't available : Install-Module -Name DGMembershipInventory.

As i am new to PowerShell i don't want to use whole script which is available in the url which you have shared with me.

The script is pretty much this one cmdlet, just run it as shown in the examples.

Hi Michev,


Sorry to include this new issue in this link, but i have this very urgent so i am posting in this link only...could please help me with the below issue


I have 45 business premium licenses assigned previous, now i have purchased 40 business premium licenses and 5 E5 Licenses. I updated the 40 licenses then it is showing 5 invalid i want to know which 5 licenses are going to be invalid, is there any way to know or O365 randomly unassigns the 5 licenses