New thingy in admin portal


Any idea what this is (the asterisk on the Setup menu)? Hopefully not another way to annoy us for "incorrect" domain settings?




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I don't think so. I have 3 domains, all showing no issues, but I still have the blue star....


Could it be a visual clue for a new menu ? BTW I don't see the "Setup" menu...

I have it as well. Nothing in those options that are new nor need attention.


Same happened here. Weird.

Not seeing this!

But do you see the Setup menu?

I actually have the menu.  Don't think I've seen it before.  Clicking on Products gives you the option to assign licenses.Capture1.JPG





And the Data Migration gives you this






I got the same thing in my test tenant



Just started appearing last night (EST). I'm wondering if their in the process of creating a new feature, or something like what @VladMichev said?

Not seeing this yet

I actually saw these previously in the Admin Center so still not sure why the blue asterisk.

The Product menu is usefull to know what is included in each plansproducts.png

The blue asterisk is probably because it's a new part of the Office 365 Admin portal. Is this correct @Anne Michels?

Well the menu has been there for a while, so maybe the indication for a new thing is the new thing... :D

The products page offers a better overall view of what each SKU contains in my opinion.

The new thingy just appeared in my tenant. Should I throw a party???

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Hi all,

we're using the blue star to highlight a new node in the navigation panel. We're currently in the process of rolling this out, thus, some of you might not see it yet. The new products page enables admins to see a full list of all SKUs and their setup status.

If you have feedback on the page, please use the feedback button in the lower right corner of the admin center. Thus, it directly goes to the right engineering team.



Thanks Anne :)