new-dlpsensitiveinformationtyperulepackage exceeded allowed maximum object size

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I have created new customized dlp rule package and when trying to import it, comes error message below. My rule package is customized from exported default rule package

Any idea how to increase this object size?


This is my importing command:

new-dlpsensitiveinformationtyperulepackage -Filedata (Get-Content -Path "c:\xxx\xxx\xxx_Rules.xml" -Encoding Byte)


Sending data to a remote command failed with the following error message: The current deserialized object size of the data received from remote client exceeded allowed maximum object size. The current deserialized object size is 10572800. Allowed maximum object size is 10485760


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You can't, that's a limit on O365 side of things. Contact support, see if they can offer any option to increase it.

Fixed this by creating new xml which contains only those things we need




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How exactly did you do this please? I have the same issue and am looking for the solution around it with some instructions please.



Thank you