New-ComplianceSearchAction purge command failing

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I'm getting an error when trying to purge the email results from a content search using the '

New-ComplianceSearchAction' :
The number of mailboxes involved in compliance export exceeds the limit (50000).

According to O365 our mailboxes do (reportedly) exceed 50,000, however this was working for us about two weeks ago and as far as we are aware the number of our mailboxes haven't increased (although it isn't entirely impossible as an unintentional result of some other work taking place).

I've seen a few people on various forums mentioning they are having trouble with the command over the last week and I wondered if something has been changed by MS recently?

Any help appreciated!

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Best open a support case, not many organizations have such large number of mailboxes, so it's hard to test/confirm this.