New and Existing Users: Set their Manager


This is probably a serious noob question, but where can I set who is a user's manager?

I assume this is done in the admin portal so that it propagates to all the associated products (e.g Sharepoint, Flow, etc.).


Thanks in Advance

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Basically two possibilities:
(1) Through the user profiles in SharePoint Online
(2) In Azure AD
Thanks Juan. Is either the preferred method, or do they both result in the same thing? (Thinking of the whole Office 365 Suite)

Should be the same. Don't forget that if you are using dirsync, the changes need to be made on-prem instead.

The preferred method is to store management information in Azure AD because this is the directory of record for Office 365. The other directories, such as those used by SharePoint and Exchange, are application-specific. If you store the management information in Azure AD, it is available everywhere within Office 365. See