MO88662 - Office 365 user licenses unexpectedly enabled.

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We see large number of users whose Licenses were earlier disabled are now enabled due to above Advisory.


Do we need to again go ahead and disable for all ? or will it be automatically disabled by MS?

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You might have to log a call to get a definitive answer.  The 'this is expected to take an extended period of time' to remediate the issue, doesn't sound to hopefully.  You might want to proactively disable any licences that were unintentionally enabled, especially if you don't want users to have access to things that shouldn't have, in the meantime, if you can easily identify them.

Agreed. We are already running the scrip again to disable the Licenses.

We're experiencing this as well, and it appears to affect more service plans than just Flow and PowerApps as stated in the advisory. Luckily, our student licensing is fully automated at this point and corrected itself overnight. However, our faculty licensing is a mess and I'm currently running through and correcting it.


I'm a bit ticked that MS has labeled this an "Advisory" instead of an "Incident." This is one of the most impactful issues that we've seen in over 3 years on the Office 365 platform. I can't imagine the trouble this may cause with organizations without a decent PowerShell skillset - clicking through the GUI and correcting would be madness!


If it helps anyone, I have a script that you can use to report on licensing on a per sku basis here:


And a framework for fully automating your user licensing here:

We are experiencing the same issue on multiple tenants also with services like Exchange Online (we have this one disabled on some tenants with over 30.000 users).


Fortunately the mailboxes were not provisioned, only licenses.


Also it seems that problem fixed itself few minutes ago.