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The new role as Message Center Reader was really good news for us.
However - there are some things that concerns us regarding users getting this role:


  1. The users get access to a lot more information than they need in the Admin Center, e.g. the User-list, Groups and Billing/Licenses. It would be great if this role only get access to the message center, nothing more. They can't actually do anything - but they shouldn't be allowed to see this information either in my opinion.
  2. It's not possible for users with this role to edit their Message Center preferences. This gives the role a lesser value for us, since the users cant filter messages that matches their line of interests.

I hope Microsoft can work out these issues, because the role itself is very useful for us!

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For #1: All that information is readable by any user of your organization anyways using the Microsoft Graph, PowerShell, or many other methods. This is just simply surfacing it since the inherent permissions already exist. That being said, I do agree that surfacing it doesn't make too much sense in this context.
#2: I agree it's odd that there's no preferences for this role. That seems silly.

Make sure to hit the feedback button in the bottom right corner of the admin screen to make a note of your feedback (I just did as well). You can also share it on UserVoice at
I have left feedback in the Admin Center now and will take it to Uservoice as well. Thanks for the advice!

Does this role actually work for you? I assigned it to an account and the message center page is not shown when I'm using that account but I'm seeing all of the other items that you mention.

It Works as expected for me.

It looks like Microsoft will fix this thing now -

From Message Ccenter: We will be rolling this out to Targeted Release organizations over the next few weeks. The feature will remain in Targeted Release for at least 30 days before it continues to be made available. We anticipate rollout completion worldwide to all Office 365 organizations by early October.

Just an update:
The "Edit message center preferences" issue is now solved by Microsoft!