Message Center reader role - NOT working

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I assigned an account to the subject role, and it can see information about user, groups, and licenses, but it cannot see the Message Center, which is what is actually needed. Is anyone else seeing this same problem?

I have opened a support ticket.

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Did you sign out and sign in again with the user?

Gracias. That made it show up. I wonder why I had to do that, I was changing the roles in another browser session the UI was updating correctly so I did not think that logging out would be required.


Now i just need to figure out why my powershell script can't execute

$uri = "" + $messageCenterPlanId + "/tasks"
Ey Dean,
No idea why a sign out is required, but I knew it was because everytime I change the role of a user in a tenant, I need to make a sign out so changes are working as expected