Message Center Blank on Mondays

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I'm an admin for several different organizations' O365 accounts (all are E3 tenants).

Every Monday morning, I get a weekly digest of the changes coming to O365.


Every Monday for the past several weeks, I've observed that clicking any links in the email takes me to the message center, but that the message center says no messages exist.  I assume it's because it's either being updated, or too many people are trying to view it.  The issue is the same on all tenants, not just one.


If I wait until 4, or 5 PM central time, the message center begins showing some contents and messages.


I just wanted to report this issue.

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Those links are supposed to take you directly to a given message, but they fail to work the first time you click them, unless you have already authenticated and have a valid access token for the portal. It's a common behavior with other "deep links" as well. Usually opening/pasting the link a second time works.


In any case, you can report it via the Feedback button in the portal.

No no, this issue exists even if you visit the portal directly and click message center in the left navigation. That is without ever even opening, looking at, or clicking anything in any email whatsoever. The entire message center says there is nothing to display, not even old messages from weeks and months past show up. Unless you wait until after 3:00 or 4:00.