MaxSend and Maxreceived size is set to 35 MB for Mailuser in Office 365 and I can't change it!

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Hello, we have an Hybrid setup with Exchange 2016 and Office 365. 2 Months ago we moved some mailbox from online to onprem. The maxsize limit for sent and received items is set to 150 MB in Exchange 2016 and the mailboxplan in Office 365 is also 150 MB.


We try now to  move back some of the mailboxes to Office 365 and we have issues with largeitems:  during the 2 months, some people sent mail bigger than 35 MB  and those mails cannot be migrated.


I check the corresponding mailuser in Office 365 and I see that the maxsend and maxreceived sizes were 35 and 36 MB. It seems that office 365 keeps the setting that were set on the mailbox prior its migration.


Is it a way to change the maxsend or maxreceived sire on a mailuser in office 365? It is possible in Exchange 2016.....






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