Managing users from Distribution lists

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I would like to create something like distribution list of all people working in company. But i want to create this by using existing separate distribution lists which consist of Employees, Contractors, Bosses. 


 Tree hierarchy :

ALLEmployees + Contractors + Bosses


I am looking for an option how to do this when i do not want to some people from for example distribution list Employees in my general Distribution list ALL.

Is there any option to create something like Black list or MINUS ?

I have to use tree hierarchy (upper in text).



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The only way to use "exclude" type of criteria is via Dynamic Distribution groups, where you can adjust the recipient filter accordingly. I wouldn't recommend it though, unless you have a very strict criteria to filter out all those users. Otherwise the filter will quickly become unmanageable.

@Vasil Michev



but I can't find supported property for custom rule. I don't know how to write a condition for membership of existing groups. Only user's or device's supported properties are there :

I need something like : user.groupsMembership -eq "employees"

And I'm not sure that it's possible :(

Any hints please ?

You are looking at the documentation for Dynamic membership for O365 groups, this does not apply to Distribution groups. Instead, you need a Dynamic Distribution group. Here are the properties supported for filtering:


You can use the Members one to filter out members of another group, but as I mentioned above, this can quickly become messy when you add more conditions.