Managing multiple clients in M365


I am an independent contractor that manages the IT Systems for many clients.


In more recent times I notice that when I log in as client A and begin to manage their M365 environment, I have to keep an eye on which client is being accessed. 


Example: today I have logged in a Company_B to manage some changes to their mailboxes.  When i go to check on their license availability, it is listing Company_G.  This happens in Edge, Firefox or Chrome.


I have

  1. Logged in as the client Company_G chosen to log out, then close the broswer
  2. Try another browser where I log in as Company_B admin, but as soon as I switch to checking the license count, it displays Company_G again.
  3. Clear all credentials stored in a browser e.g. Edge, then log in from scratch as Company_B, view their file action history, but when I switch to Microsoft 365 Admin Centre, it lists users from Company_G not Company_B

How do I prevent this? I've lost an hour trying to manage Company_G licensing but cant get to it due this behaviour.

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Use separate browsers/private sessions for each customer. The "container"-type add-ons can help here: