Local Sync for Guest with shared OneDrive Link

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Hi Community,

I'm searching and can't find what I'm looking for. Would be great if one of you could point me in the right direction or give me some guidance.

I have shared a OneDrive link with an active guest user and the guest user now wants to sync the files locally. However, the sync button is not visible when the guest user enters the shared page in IE.

Guest user is an active microsoft 365 account of a different organisation and has already synced OneDrive pages. Therefore, I guess the mistakes lies on my side.

Edit functionalities for external users is active in SharePoint and OneDrive.

I have no clue which option I must tick in my admin center.

One more point I'm currently struggeling with. I have a shared mailbox which I want to automatically forward to an external e-mail adress. However, each time I send a mail to that mailbox I get back an error e-Mail telling me:

Remote Server returned '550 5.7.520 Access denied, Your organization does not allow external forwarding. Please contact your administrator for further assistance. AS(7555)'

Maybe both issues have the same source.

Thank you for the support.


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Guest account syncing is not supported I believe.

For the Shared mailbox, external forwarding is now blocked by default and the config would need to be changed to allow this. I don't recommend allowing external forwarding though.
Thats a pitty. Collaborating with other companies would be much easier with this option. Do you have a different solution which could ease the way of working?

Do you know the option to be selcted for external forwarding?

Thank you!
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You can vote for the feature on user voice here:


Also for external forwarding, I've written a blog post on this recently here:


You'll see some methods to control outbound forwarding there.