Least privilege access to Service Health Dashboard in Office 365

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We would like to give some people in support access to the Office 365 Service Health dashboard of our tenant. However, we are looking at a least privileges access for this role, if possible without access to create support tickets. Which role would be accomplishing this in Office 365?

We already tried:

  • the Message Center reader role, but this seems to not include the Service Health Dashboard.
  • the Service Support Administrator then again can open support tickets, which could become costly if many people can open tickets on a Premier contract. 


Is there a more fine-grained role or way to give someone access to only the Service Health Dashboard? Or is there a way to define custom roles? 

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No, there isn't a way to create custom roles, we've been asking for this only since O365 launched :) Select the least privileged one from the list here: