Lack of Consistency betwee Admin Center Pages

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Has anyone noticed the tremendous lack of consistency between the admin centers? the pages that list large number of items look and behave like they were made by entirely different companies. Some pages provide searching, sorting, filtering and column customization, but many do not.

It is obvious that there is not a master plan/specification/program manager overseeing all of the admin centers. Hopefully Microsoft will address this sooner, rather than later because it becoming a total mess.


One example that just came to my attention are the Admin pages for Power Apps and Flow are very different, yet they are in the same Admin Center and at some level, from the same organization. There are many other example of totally different user experiences on different admin focused pages. These types of inconsistencies are becoming all to common in the admin features for O365 services/apps.


It does not matter if the page is listing users, groups, sites, flows, PowerApps or anything else, every page that lists many items should be searchable, filterable, and sortable. This is basic functionality that should be part of the minimum viable product specifications.


Another big inconsistency it the varying approaches to People Pickers. Adding a user, should be identical for every service/app, but it is not. SPO, Teams, Flow, PowerApps, PowerBI, Yammer and Stream each have there own slight variations on this common task.


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I cannot agree more Dean and to me, the problem here is an old one: different Teams working ond building things and they don't probably talk to each other as much as they should (just guessing here)...on the

Ahem, @Juan Carlos González Martín, that's *my* line :)


I would also add the "perpetual" preview status to that list, how long have we had the new SPO admin portal in preview? The SCC is also a mess, with multiple sections being reordered all the time and causing all sorts of issues. But yeah, long live devops, agile and all the other buzzwords that are just another way of saying "testing in production".

The consistency should be there and Microsoft has some work to do.


For example Security & Compliance Center which handle also EOP tasks and other above other services. His GUI is already broken in most parts. Will be nice, if this will be incorporated to Microsoft 365 Admin Center.


But there are also a nice examples, like Cloud App Security which now have more consistent experience with Security Center (WDATP). If I like to say, manage everything in Azure Portal will be fine for me. ;)

@Petr Vlkthat is a very good point, every blade in the new Azure Portal looks and works the same, it does not matter which service, they have all have the same behavior and UI widgets. It is obvious that everything in Azure comes from Microsoft. We don't see the same thing in the O365 services.

The new services like Flow and Teams have very different UI for their Admin pages and the new Teams/Skype admin center does not share much in common with the new SharePoint admin center.


Inconsistent terminology, edit columns vs customize columns, and varying UI, sliders vs checkboxes, demonstrates a complete lack of UX vision and implementation.