Just noticed a few new improvements to Groups & Shared mailboxes, how to keep updated?


Groups now shows checkboxes next to members and non-members! Finally, I can go to Admin Center > Groups and click Add Members and see who are active members (checked), and easily add new members (those without checkmarks). My question is when was this update applied and how do I see any future "improvement" updates? Simarly, I see that Shared Mailboxes can now be accessed through OWA where as I believe in the past a "shared mailbox" was only accessible through propogation of Full Access. When did this happen?

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I think first feature has been there for a while and in regards of Shared Mailboxes, I think you also could add a Shared Mailbox in OWA as long as you have permissions on it...same happens with Groups
I haven't noticed Shared Mailboxes auto-mapping in OWA in our tenant. (though I think that would be a nice feature, auto-map on then give users an option to remove if desired).