Is there a way to get someone who works during the US day? I don't see the I'm Available button?!?

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I have a service request open but the person working on it works nly at the time of day that I'm asleep.  This means I get a single email from him overnight to which I reply and then I get a reply from him the next night.  Imagine having a conversation one sentence per day.  This sucks.


In the automatic reply it says:

If you need immediate call back, you can click on “I’m available “ or “Call Me” options, which is available under office 365 Admin portal, under service request tab i.e. “NEED HELP”. And our next available engineer will help you.


However, when I go into the admin center and go to view my requests, there is no information in there at all except the initial information I typed in to open the ticket and there's no button to click on to get someone to call me back .


Does anyone know if there's actually a way to do that?  I've had a case open for over a week and at one email per day it's going to be many more...

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Just call them directly:


Chances are you will still end up with some vendor outside of the US, but at least you should be able to speak with a person :)

Yeah.  I don't care where the person is located.  I just don't want to have to have one email per day while we try to resolve this problem.  I found a phone number earlier and called and was told someone would call me back, but I'm still waiting...

Alternatively you can request an escalation to someone in your timezone... Just make sure you let them know what your timezone is.

This is supposed to happen automatically - depending on how you logged the call... But here in New Zealand, we frequently get support (from MS, Azure, O365) from people who's days only half overlap with ours... But it's better than no overlap...