Import files into SharePoint Online. Account key not provided. Changed vs the linked documentation

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Having to type this out as CTRL-V does not work and give me an error telling me to use CTRL-V. (sigh)


Looking to IMPORT bulk files/folders into SharePoint online in O365 using the Admin menu and the powershell scripts (Azure AzCopy etc). In the screen shot below you can see the link in the Admin centre.





When you start the import, the import process generates an Azure blob storage and the keys to upload your files. There is documentation provided by a hyperlink. Problem is the documentation does not match what the process is providing. Step 6 says that you will get an Azure key and URL. Here is a screen shot of what the documentation says you are supposed to see.



Here is a screen shot of what you actually see.


The instructions say you need:

1) Account name (derived from the bit between the https:// and in this example it starts with 7ef5f

2) Account key - Not provided any more

3) File container name

4) File container SAS URL

5) Manifest container name

6) Manifest container URL


Am I missing something? No amount of searching on the internet provides any new instructions for this process to move large volumes of files via the network without a 3rd party tool.


Hope this is the right forum to post this question.

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I think you should open a support ticket to verify the Import Service is still available. I know for sure it has been disable for some time and it could be still the case