How to Stop/Undo an Event to Prevent Associated Content from Being Deleted

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What is the best practice to stop or undo an Event and prevent the content (associated with the event-based labels) from being deleted? In essence I need to stop and reset the retention clock on the labels.



We are using a SharePoint document library to store Employee Files within the Human Resources site. Each document is tagged with an event-based retention label. When an employee leaves the company an Event is created which starts the retention clock for that employee's content.



How do we stop or undo the event (and it's associated labels) when an employee is rehired? We want to prevent the content from being deleted. This assumes the rehire has been rehired prior to the label expiry dates.


What I've tried:

I tried deleting the event, but that did not work. The retention label processed the content per its settings. This tells me the retention clock continues after the event has been deleted. 


What I'll try next:

1. Manually deleting the retention label from each document

2. Manually deleting the Asset ID which is used to link the content with the Event. 


I believe many organizations will run into this same issue. 


I look forward to the community feedback!

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Not sure I fully understand the scenarios here, but if the idea is to address "changed my mind" type of situations, why don't you create the retention labels with the disposition option enabled? That way, even if the period lapses, someone has to confirm the deletion, or extend the retention period as needed.

@Vasil Michev 


Hi Vasil - thank you for your feedback. Please forgive me for not better explaining the scenario. 


You're correct... this is a "changed my mind" scenario. The retention clock has started and we want to stop it because the employee has been rehired. We considered using the "disposition review" but would rather avoid it because it creates more work on the HR dept. The ultimate goal with O365 is automation and efficiency. Unfortunately, the Disposition Review may prove to be the best practice if your organization foresees needing to stop the retention clock.


I'll continue researching and testing.