How to stop email from sending email to all contacts


Hello everyone,


I'm searching for a guide or something similar to stop a user from sending out email. Our work uses Office 365 and recently an email came in and one employee clicked on it. Now he sends out email to all his contacts in his email list. How as an admin do you go in an stop this?


Thanks for any help!

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Hi, Looks like you have a problem!

This end device is infected - this is a typical scenario of a successful hacker attack

, I suggest to immediately disconnect from the network - to protect the remaining computers.

The employee should receive a new computer , and the infected should be checked in an isolated environment and it would be best to perform a clean installation of Windows - which will remove everything and reinstall the system.



Thank you for your reply! So there is no way to detect this through Office 365 admin center? And remove it from there?

It doesn't seem possible, but perhaps someone else has a solution.
But the easiest way is to block this account until you check this computer.