How to Replace Skype for Business to Teams

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I want to enforce my tenants to stop using Skype for Business and redirect them to Teams. In the installation package file I noticed that SfB comes with the package.  how can I remove SfB and replace it with Teams?


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You cannot enforce this...Microsoft is the only that can do this transition that is going to happen over this year as disclosed last year at Ignite

You cannot do this at the moment, but this feature is rolling out this year. You can see a nice video from MS Ignite about how Skype for business is transitioning to MS Teams


The answer has already been given but just to add a few bits:


Microsoft wants customers to explore Teams now, what it can do today and how it can fit into each organization


No information has been given on the depreciation of the Skype for Business client yet so there isn't any particular rush.


Teams is picking up features from Skype for Business leading up-to around Q2-Q3 this year for more feature parity between the two services.


Teams client isn't part of Office 365 ProPlus, it's a standalone client, that installed completely separately.  Hopefully, the Teams client will merge with Office 365 ProPlus and be included alongside those programs in your screenshot but that could be just wishful thinking on my part.


Check out the Intelligent Communication in Office 365 site for the latest information, roadmap and guidance including the FAQ.