How to create org structure in Outlook

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For every employee in my organisation, I want to show who the employee is reporting to and also a list of employees that report to that employee.


I would like to show that information in outlook organisation tab.



Where can I set this up? I have seen other organisations use it but didn't find any information about it online. 


I am a global admin in Office 365

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That information is populated based on the value of "manager" attribute in AD/Azure AD. Once that attribute is populated for all your users, the chart will automatically appear in the profile card or within Teams.

@Vasil Michev Hi Michev, 


Thank you for your answer. Does this mean that I have to set it for every single user in my org for this to start working, is there a way to only set it for ~half of the users?


Thank you in advance


It's not mandatory to set it on all users, but that should be your end goal if you want things to look properly.

Do you know how long it takes for these changes to go into effect or is there anything that needs to be "pushed out" for the org chart details to show up in Outlook?