How to change Alias name in Office 365

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I can't change alias name where appeared the message  " the object is being synchronized from your on-premises organization. This action should be performed on the object in your on-premises organization "

Any help please .....

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If you are running a hybrid config, you need to use the set-remotemailbox with the -alias parameter with the on premises Exchange shell instead.

Set-remotemailbox -identity -alias wfawzy

i applied those steps but didn't work

I applied that command with power shell but appears error

Set-remotemailbox : The term 'Set-remotemailbox' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program.

If you didn’t already you would need to import the Exchange module and connect to you onprem environment (or try running it from the Exchange Management Shell on the server itself).

Did you run the cmdlet in an Exchange Management Shell (EMS)? The cmdlet is not available in a regular PowerShell session.

Which version of Exchange is in use on-premises?


Yes, this is what i'm doing personally and it seems more user friendly for not powershell savvy users. Just edit some attribute and add new smtp string. And you don't have to keep on-prem Exchange just to add aliases..

Hi , Nuno Silva
Thanks for your reply , mailnickname didn't appear in attribute editor of users .
How can i add this attribute ?
Thanks in advance ......
I added aliases by using smtp small character but didn't change .
i'm using two plans ( office 365 business premium & Exchange online "Plan 1" ) .
Can you make a screenshot from active directory users and computers mmc? With grey out user details.
Do you need screenshot of attribute editor or active directory if AD any exactly part you need to screenshot ?

Usually it syncs changes from on prem AD to Azure every 30 min, unless you force a sync (at least AD Connect does). Have you waited enough? Also how are you checking if it works? New alias should appear in email addresses list in this user's Office 365 user card in admin center. You can also try sending an email to the new address. 

Hi @Walid Fawzy,


What steps are you performing ? What solution you have implemented ? What consoles are you running to do the commands ?

He is trying everything we throw at him.

Walid, do one screenshot of attribute editor, proxy addresses details window (with masked actual address). You can also do a screenshot of Office 365 admin center with that user's details opened. And i guess you can do screenshots of running powershell commands you've been suggested above.


Also, what happens if you email to alias address?

Hi , 

I attached two files for attribute editor and proxy address .


It seems that your main SMTP address uses your real domain, but for aliases you try to use Just use your own main domain. I don't think you should use either, although this might work. But i think your real domain is what is desired to use in aliases.

I agree with that. You should use only domains, that are configured correctly at O365 admin portal. Also do not use *, there is problem with synchronizing: