How does one set "domain capabilities" nowadays?


In the new admin portal that is? There is no option for that at all under O365 Admin -> Settings -> Domains. Selecting a domain also doesnt offer any way to change this, neither does going over the stupid wizard interface for the DNS management option. If you try clicking the Back button there, it goes between the Verify domain and Update DNS settings, completely skipping the "set up services" section. Thanks god the Azure AD PowerShell has support for this now...


@Anne Michels is this option even available now after verifying the domain? And can you please stop dumbing down the interface, it's NOT helping. I mean really, I've been performing admin tasks O365 on a daily basis for over 5 years now, and I've just wasted 30 mins circling around the Admin portal trying to find an option that took 2 clicks previously...

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You can always go back, until they disable it, to go to the old Admin Center :p