How are active user metrics compiled?

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In the Office Admin portal, usage reports, how are active users calculated?


i.e. What makes a user an active SharePoint user?



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I guess the user needs to do something in the SPO sites you have: create content, modify content or simply access to the sites cc @Anne Michels

Thanks Juan, I guesed as much but we have customers asking for the official definition of what makes and active user.


An additional question, how long after they stop actively using a feature (SharePoint Online) do they stop getting counted in the metrics?

I believe these reports show information about usage over a 180 days period...what means that if you are looking at the reports today, you can go back 180 days...but I could be wrong

So based on the assumption that it measures usage on a daily basis and we wanted average user usage over a period we coudl export the SharePoint Users reposrt to excel and average it.


Have you seen any official MS documentation to back this up as that's what our customers invariably ask for.

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Hi all,

currently, any user who has interacted with a file (any file created, modified, deleted, shared internally or externally and synched to clients is counted as an active file) is counted as active user for SharePoint. This does not adequately cover others user actions done in SP and we plan to enhance this definition in the future with information about page views.

You can find definition of active usage for all of the reports on Office Support:



Thanks for the clarification Anne!

Great, thanks Anne, that was exactly the answer I needed. :)