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Hey, can someone take pity on me and help me deploy E5 on a sick **bleep** Alienware Aurora r7 Rig ?


I want to get all the apps and  all the good stuff ready on this bad boy but I don't wana **bleep** up my PC 


I will dance at your wedding!


Call me 3057488527

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Hey @Deleted,


Why dont we try to assist you here on the forums, its probably more straight forward and you can handle it at your own time.


If you have all the needed licensing, it should be pretty easy, most likely you can download the applications you need directly at There should be a download button in the top right corner.


Your download will basically be a file that will let you choose what parts of the office suite to deploy, and as this is a new computer you might as well just do all of them. Once they are installed, you just need to launch one, and log in as your O365 account. That will register them, and as long as your subscription is active you should not have any issues.