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We have just gone through the provisioning program in the UK for my Trust and it has created a bunch of groups we don't need.


Here's my problem:

We have 12 schools all of which have a Microsoft 365 Group for 'all staff' with different sub domains. Attached to that is and

I have made the groups public - but whenever I try to uncheck the 'Hide from the Global Address List' I get 'retry not possible'.  I have tried everyday for the past two weeks and getting nowhere.


So then I set up a separate group which is 'Mail Enabled Security' so they an email address and I can easily assign permissions into SharePoint. Then I downloaded the members from Azure with the plan of re-uploading into the new group. When I try to do that the 'Bulk actions' are all greyed out.


Therefore can I do any of the following:

1) make that uncheck box work? (it work once for one of the groups)

2) ungrey out the 'Bulk actions'

3) Change the Microsoft 365 Group to a 'Mail enabled security' Group so it can appear in the global address list and be emailed to.


I am just a teacher that has spent all summer trying to work this out so please spell it out to me.


Thank you for you any help.

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So #3 is not possible by design, there's no way to "convert" between group types (although recently MS seems to have introduced a functionality to security-enable O365 Groups). For #1 and #2, I'd suggest trying via PowerShell, if that also doesn't work open a support case.

Hello Vasil,

I am really not great at Powershell. Is there anywhere you can point me to other than the Microsoft docs - I've tried that and I don't understand the terminology
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Read here how to connect:

Once connected, run the following to "unhide" the group:


Set-UnifiedGroup -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled:$false

Thank you very much