Giving user access rights in the Office 365 Admin centre

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Hi there,

Is it possible to allow a O365 user, access to the Office 365 admin centre in order to only view the licence allocation for our tenant.

i.e. they can see how many Office E5 or E3 licences we have and who they are assigned to, Dynamics 365 licences and who they have been assigned to etc.

Only read-only access. The Billing Admin role does not give the relevant access required and I cant see any other obvious way to enable this access. We want to give the least privilege access possible.

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How about Service administrator? I just tried that role on a test account and it gave read-only access to user details including licencing plus Licences node under Billing.


About Office 365 admin roles

Service Administrator is probably the best choice for read-only access to license information in the portal.


However, know that a  Service Administrator can also do the following in the Portal:


  • Can view all Groups and group information
  • Can view Users and user information
  • Create and view Service Requests
  • Can view tenant Service Health Advisories
  • Can view tenant messages in the Message Center

 Also, with Service Administrator I am able to connect with the MSOnline (Azure AD V1) PowerShell module and use many cmdlet's which retrieve information (the "Get" cmdlet's), including tenant configuration (Get-MsolCompanyInformation) and enumerator tenant Administrators (Get-MsolRole and Get-MsolRoleMember). 



Thanks guys - that's helpful and has sorted out the permissions issue we had.