Give AzureAD users rights to (only) change local network settings

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I don't want to give AzureAD users local admin rights, like they had before Microsoft 365, but there is only one problem. Some engineers need to change their network setting on there local machine from time to time. Is there a possibility to give them rights so they can only change network settings, instead of making them local admin again? If yes, how?

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May be this works for you?


net localgroup "Network Configuration Operators" /add <user>

And make sure uac settings are correct


"3 (Default) = Prompt for credentials"

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@Rudy_Ooms_MVP This worked perfect! Just to be clear for following readers:



Net localgroup "Network Configuration Operators" /add "AzureAD\"


Net localgroup Netwerkconfiguratieoperators /add "AzureAD\"