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Wondering if anyone else can help.

If your O365 Subscription is setup and configured for North America

Then Mailboxes are created and distributed to North American Datacenters

However if you have users who are located in other continents like Asia or UK.  Is it possible to have there mailboxes generated in those locations?


Right now even if I make sure user created has country information filled in and usage location set to China or UK the mailbox is currently still being created in North America according to the get-mailboxlocation tool


This seems to be a issue with lookup and connection latency because of how it's going to the local geolocation server for exchange and then from there it's getting redirector or proxied to the North American Server hosting the mailbox

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Hi David,


That is not possible in the same Tenant.


But for that issue, when a user is outside the region where the dara resides, it will use the closest POP to connect to Migrosoft network.


You can see this articles to understand more:


I had a feeling this was what I was going to have to be looking to do. 

Problem we have is the number of DNS hops it's taken for some of the foreign isp's