Copying Plans in Planner

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How does a user copy a plan in Planner now? There seems to have been a recent change which no longer allows plans to be copied to a user's private space (my Planner Hub). About 2 months ago I could create a template plan in my Planner Hub, copy this plan multiple times, and add individual students to each plan so each student has their own copy of my plan which they can access/edit. Just like here. However, now the copy plan to a private space seems to no longer exist. Copied Plans must now be saved to a Team or Group, and all Team members have access to the Plan. I only want each copied Plan to be visible/editable by me and one other student. Any ideas would be appreciated! 

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AFAIK, you can do the same Today...the change added implies that you can copy a Plan to a new Group (feature you have already used) or to an existing one (new feature)

@Juan Carlos González Martín Thanks for your reply. I am unable to see how this helps. Can you please provide a few more details/direct me to a website perhaps so I can learn? Thanks