Control access based on network location

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I just want know that is there any option in which I can exclude my managers from device access policy in Onedrive and SharePoint? so that they can access their onedrive from any location.

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You will have to adjust the corresponding policy under Conditional Access in the Azure AD blade.

Thank you for your advice but in AD conditional access policy we need to buy P2 license for every individual user which is very costly for 90 users is there any other way? @Vasil Michev 

P1 licenses is what you need, and yeah if you want such customizability, you have to pay extra.

But vasil, I think you know about device access policy for one drive & SharePoint which you can see in OneDrive or SharePoint administrator can not we exclude some users from this policy? so we do not need to move on AD conditional access security.

If you are not happy with the default policies and want to customize them, you need to pay for P1 licenses. Otherwise you are violating the license agreement.