Consultant that need an email address from us

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We have a consultant that works for us sometimes and he needs to be able to send and receive email from an address that belongs to our company, We don’t want him to use his own email address when doing work for us.


What is the best way to set him up so he can use an email address from us without getting any internal emails like from our company's global email, groups or reach anything else within our Office 365 account?


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I am pretty sure creating a mail contact will do what you are asking.
Thanks @ericjk4,

I have made a mail contact now. Do I also need to add a "normal" user with a mail license to have this working Or how do we "assign" an address from our company with his name?
Hope you understand me... Thanks!

You should be able to just add the secondary email address and it basically creates a forwarding rule for the mail contact to send mail to to

1. I'm sorry but I'm not sure how you mean. Should I set up an "active user" and a contact? Or is it enough with one of them? Because I can't find where to set up the forward rule.

2. We can for now also be ok with just forward the emails to his external email until everything else is done. How is that done in the easiest and best way?

Many thanks!
So below is the example of the powershell cmd:

if this doesnt work then a mail user should work. Or if the consultant already has an AD account then enable mailbox with forwarding rule could also work.
But the contact should be enough.
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@RobbanBIf your consultant needs to send email, than you need to create a user account with at least an Exchange Online Plan 1 license.


Mail contacts are used if you want to add external email addresses to your global address list. Since you need your consultant to write mails from, a mail contact only meets half of your requirements.