Changing DNS settings due to domain transfer

Gabriel Gässler
New Contributor

Currently my domain is hosted at registrar A, all required records point to my office 365 tenant and are also set within office 365. Everything works fine. 


Now I want to move my domain from registrar A to registrar B. Of course I have to replicate all DNS settings I had on registrar A to registrar B, but I also need to change the settings within office 365. The question is just: How to change them? 

I'd expect these settings within Setup > Domains > (my domain) > I'll manage my own DNS records > Exchange


But if I got there I always just get the stupid message "Congratulations! Your domain and email addresses are all set up.". That's not helpful at all. To reduce downtime I'd like to change the settings in advance - even though everything looks fine right now.


How can that be performed? I'm not afraid to use the shell.

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Why do you need to change anything on O365 side. What it appears to be is you are just moving the record or replicating it from one server to another.

As long as they are visible to public there and the Check DNS button says all green there is nothing to worry.