Cannot see guest account in Teams

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I created a bunch of guest accounts, all for the same 3rd party vendor/company.  Only one guest account is giving us issues - we cannot see this one guest account in Teams.  We search for their name but the guest account doesn't show up.  The guest itself has accepted the invitation, and when they log into Teams, they cannot see us either.


1. Yes, they accepted the guest account/invitation

2. I go into O365 Admin Portal, under guest accounts, I can see their account successfully

3. I checked all properties of that guest account with the other guest accounts, and I don't see any differences

4. We have a on-prem exchange server, I verified the guest account does not exist in exchange server



I've deleted/re-created the guest account multiple times, but still cannot get this one particular account to show up in Teams.

I don't believe it's a replication issue, as it's been almost two weeks and the account doesn't show up.


We haven't requested that the vendor try deleting/re-creating their account, I can do this if someone suspects it's an issue on that side as opposed to our side.

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