Batch Mailing Address Change To Users


We are getting ready to move to a new office and I am wondering how I can perform a batch address change to all of our users at one time?  

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Hi Brad,


You can create a Dynamic Distribution List, here how


Then send the email to that DL.

Do you mean like the physicall address/Office attribute? You can easily bulk update it via PowerShell, however the change might need to be perfromed on-premises in case you are using AAD Connect.

+1 for PowerShell option or even the bulk update you have at the Office 365 Admin Center

Thank you.  Yes, I am speaking of the physical mailing address in the user's profile.  We do not have an on-premise set up but use Azure AD.  I think I might have found the Powershell option, but I am contemplating just asking users to update their profile as an alternative.  Wasn't sure if their was an easy bulk update option in the Admin area.  



Thank you Nuno, but I'm speaking of the mailing address in our user profiles.  

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Hi Brad,


The best way is to use Powershell, here a article that could help you.

Everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for the responses. A huge help in answering my question and helping me decide the next steps.

Many Thanks Brad,


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