Applied License To Account In O365 But Exchange Mailbox Isn't being Generated

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I just wondered if someone can help with this, I assigned an Office 365 License to a user's account yesterday see pic1 within O365, from experience it should then create the user's mailbox within Exchange - when I type in the users name within the Exchange part of Office 365, his account doesn't appear to be there see pic2, I’ve checked his AD account and it’s enabled with no expiry date set and check that his account isn't locked as well, the “email” address field on AD is filled in as well so I’m not sure what is causing the mailbox not to appear as it sync's from our AD to Exchange using AD Sync I’ve looked at his Office 365 account and it appears that the following email categories are blocked whereas on mine “all email apps are allowed” , would this have something to do with it? See pic3 for reference. When I go in to "manage email apps" and enable all of the apps within there, I get an error shown in pic4 I've checked the "restricted users" section within Office 365 but the location is empty and doesn't have any users within there, I've also checked within Settings - "Directory Sync Error" and there doesn't seem to be any sync errors within this location either.








Users O365 Account




My O365 Account





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