Admin App and Auditing

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I recently updated someones's license directly from the O365 Admin App.  I noticed that this action did not show up in the Audit Logs.  Is this expected behavior, actions from the Admin App not showing up in the Audit Logs?  I can see other times where I've enabled licenses directly from the O365 Portal showing up in the audit logs.

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How recently? It does take a while for events to show up in the logs, if I remember correctly there actually 2 processes that govern this. The maximum delay should be around 24h.

It's been a week.

Ah well, go with support ticket then. Sad to see those logs are not yet nearly as reliable as they should be...

Admin app (UMP on a mobile device) or the browser interface? Just asking - in either case, the update should have been recorded and audited.

The Admin app: