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I need to add a new domain to a business essentials account and make it the default domain.  Down the track I'll remove the original domain.  Both domains are our own registered domains not the domain.  My question is once I've added the new domain and made it default do Sharepoint and other urls change to the new domain address?  E.g.








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Hi David,

You cannot change the tenant name. When you add your domain names are used to identify and email. The tenant name is by design locked when you create your Office 365.
David, Nuno is correct about the URL. However, they are currently working on allow us to change this URL in the future. There is a uservoice item for it, and it's under development currently.

A few things to note when you switch domains, make sure you have a plan and test out, changing your Users login names to the new domains, this could pose a bit of a mess depending how you sync and have computers joined etc. So just keep that in mind you'll want to get those all updated and users aware of the change ahead of time etc.
Thanks, I was afraid of that.

Thanks for the info and the advise.