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I've added a new domain to a Business Essentials license with the status now showing setup complete. The plan is to move to the new domain in the future.  To test I've also added an alias to a user with the new domain e.g. but not yet set it as the primary.  The issue is when sending an email to I get an access denied error i.e.


Recipient address rejected: Access denied []


Emails to the primary address are still being received.  I've used MX Toolbox to do lookups on the required DNS records and all look ok.


Is there something else I need to do to enable the new domain email address?  Does the addition of an alias take effect immediately or is there a delay period?


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Hi David,

If you have recently set the DNS records and added the mail alias to the mailbox then it can take some time to propagate (Global DNS propagation is 72 hours). I would leave it a few hours and then send to the mail alias again. If it doesn't work in this case then I would double check the DNS records, ensure that the domain is showing in the accepted domains in the Exchange Admin console, and that the alias is on the mailbox in the Exchange Admin console. If all of this is, then wait one day and try again. If this still isn't working, let us know and we'll investigate

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
Can you also confirm the right licenses are assigned to the user where you have defined the alias?

Thanks for the advice Chris.  Will double check and wait for propagation and let you know how it goes



I've confirmed the user has a Business Essentials product license.





It was definitely a propagation delay.  Emails to the new domain now working.