You must start Microsoft Access by double-clicking a microsoft access file error

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I just brought Microsoft 365 and when I try to open Access I get and error code which say:

You must start Microsoft Access by  double-clicking a Microsoft Access file , or by running Microsoft Access from a command prompt with a database.

I call the help deck and he was not able to fix the problem he give me ticket # 10263300330

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It sounds like the registry entries weren't properly created when it was installed.
What is the exact error code?

Have you tried running an Office repair or reinstalling Access?
Does Access open correctly if you do double click an existing ACCDB file?
Do you still have an older version of Access installed?
I don't get a code it say Microsoft Access Runtime is installed on the machine. I had and old one that I try to transfer before I brought.




Two things. It sounds like you are trying to run the access Runtime, not full Access. 
That means you might have only the runtime installed. And that, in turn, means that the version of MS 365 you installed may not include the full version of Access. 

To help clarify that, tell us, please, what version you did install.

Thank you.

I'm having the same problem and i am unable to even create or open a new database file. I can provide some Screenshots P1.jpgP2.jpgP3.jpg

That screenshot indicates you have the Access run time installed. Do you also have a FULL, licensed version of Access installed?
I...guess it is access runtime. It came with the microsoft office setup though, and...i don't really think it's supposed to be access runtime?



We would have to see the actual installation to comment on that, of course. The screen shot certainly implies you have the runtime.
You may also have a different version of Office, i.e. a trial version that was included with the new computer. Lookup under installed apps to see what you do have installed.



Answer: Good day all,
The issue is source raise when Microsoft Access Runtime is installed together with the full version of access. The selection of the application which supposed to open the file is failing this case.
Open the "app & features" and search for access -> confirm that you have both version and if you do then simply uninstall the Microsoft Access Runtime and keep the full version.