Working with Access trying to create a report with a subreport

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I am working with basketball stats (girls high school - many seasons). I have 3 queries that I 'need'.

(a) v1 - list of girls with sisters that have played - varsity, reserve and/or freshman

(b) v21 - list of points scored by individuals at the varsity level

(c) v31 - list of points scored by the sisters combined

Each query includes a sister_code.  (Most of the players do not have a sister_code)

I have created a report showing the (i) code, (ii) Last name, (iii) total points and (iv) number of sisters.

I am (trying) to create/link a subreport to each detail line of my report that then shows the scoring for each of the individual sisters.  (When I am finished the sister_code will NOT be visible.)

My 'ideal' report will look like:

Most points scored by sisters at the varsity level

Sis_code    Name                    Points             Sisters

Smi            Smith                     2500                 3

      Smi               Amy Smith         1200        1984-87

     Smi               Beth Smith            900        2000-02

     Smi               Chris Smith           400         1992-95

JL              Jones                    2200                  2

     Deb Jones           1300         2007-10

     Ellie Lopez             900         2013-16    

Right now I get my report to print 'nicely'.  But, my sub-report prints all of my 60 sisters, not just the 2 or 3 from the detail.

Yes, my sub-report is the reports detail part.  BUT I have not done anything to limit(link) my sub-report.  What do I need to do?

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The subreport control has LinkMasterFields and LinkChildFields properties. Read up on them.