Will my access web app still function correctly after I migrate it to sharepoint lists ?

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I am wondering if my access app will still function correctly after I export all the tables to sharepoint lists, while I'm developing flows before the list's are used as the live data.

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Has anyone attempted using the migration tool ?  Does the original app still work correctly ?

Hi Michael


If the web app is hosted by Microsoft it may no longer work by April 1st, 2018, in which case you will need to migrate the code to either a Access solution or another web solution such as Power Apps or other web technology.




The short answer, as Juan has already stated is, No.


The long answer is that, on about April 2nd, 2018, your existing O365 hosted AWAs will go into read-only mode. Period.

They will remain in read-only status for some time after that (I'm not sure how long that was supposed to be). Then they will be removed from the MS hosted servers. 


If your organization has its own on-premises SharePoint Server and hosts your AWAs internally, your organization has the option to maintain support for Access Web Services (the service that runs your AWAs). I understand that gives such installations up to 5 years, or 10 years, depending on specifics of licensing and versions.


The only thing you can do with your soon-to-be-late AWAs is retrieve your DATA from them. The interface cannot be rescued. You will need to a) move the data, and b) create a new interface for it.
Where and how you do that, of course, is a pretty wide-open set of choices.

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If you are talking about the migration tool on the page of your AWA, which offers to migrate the DATA to SharePoint lists, then, yes, it works--at least it did the last time I used it several months ago. I guess I ought to revisit that.


However, that is ONLY the data. Not the interface. You'll need to create a new interface. Perhaps an accdb linked to those SP lists would be a good starting point.