Why won't data entered in the data entry form show up on the table?

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I have a table and a data entry created off the table with all the fields connected but anything entered in the data entry form does not show up on the table. Why is that?

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@kesposito Unfortunately, it's impossible to diagnose this problem from a general description of it.


Let's get the details. We are talking about a table or a query and a FORM, right? The FORM is BOUND to the table or query , right? Each CONTROL on the form is BOUND to one field in the table or query, right?


New records are entered through this form, by typing values into each control, right? And then you SAVE the new record, either explicitly or implicitly (by closing the form, for example), right?


Also, how do you know that the newly entered records are not saved to the table? What method do you use to determine that.

Confirm the situation or correct my assumptions. 

@George Hepworth  When I enter data into the table it gets assigned a row ID. So i entered the first row and it gets row id 1. I can see that Data in the data entry view. Then when I enter another row using the data entry form it gets assigned row id 2 but when I save it tab over to the next entry it won't appear on the table itself. But when I go to add a new row in the table the row id assigned is 3. So it's there but not appearing on the table so that I can see it. 

@kesposito In that case, the next thing I'd check is that you are, in fact, looking at the same table.



@George Hepworth You should also be sure that there is no filter applied to the table itself.

This can happen if you filter in datasheet view and then save the table with that filter in place.