why cant i use View and Triggers in access?

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why cant i use View and Triggers in access? I receive a syntax error

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More details about your unsuccessful attempts to use Views and Triggers in Access will be very helpful, but some preliminary thoughts might be in order as well.


First, "View" is generally taken to mean a specific type of object in a SQL Server (or other) database. We refer to "saved queries" in Access. These are, for the most part, conceptually the same. So, if you are merely looking for the corollary to a view, it's going to be a "query" in Access. If you mean something else, we need to know what that is.


"Triggers" exist in SQL Server tables (with corollaries in other RDBMSs). In Access, the corresponding tool is called a "Data Macro". Triggers in SQL Server are far more robust and powerful, but if the functionality is what you need, look at Data Macros for your Access tables.


Again, if you mean something other than this, please explain in sufficient detail to help us understand the actual problem.